Healthcare in the United States is changing in many ways, and an important catalyst of that change is the continued advancement of innovative technologies.  One of the most significant developments for the coming future is the ability to deliver care services through the use of telemedicine technology and services.  According to an IHS study, 7 million patients will receive care via telemedicine during 2018.

Recognizing that “one size does not fit all,” InteractiveCare has pioneered the development of telemedicine solutions built to the specific requirements of post-acute providers. Following an initial needs assessment and the creation of a pilot platform, InteractiveCare has launched a series of pilot studies to test the efficacy of the initial concepts and prototype.  The first study has been completed with a provider of skilled home health and hospice services.

Reducing Hospital Readmissions
During the first stages of admission and assessment patients were provided with InteractiveCare technology and received a basic orientation on how to communicate with their assigned nurse and members of the medical team.  In turn, nurses were given the tools to enable them to engage with patients more frequently and to respond to patients’ emergent concerns or changes in condition.

Improving the Quality of Care
The results of the first prototype technology pilot validated the premise that telemedicine built specifically for the needs of post-acute care would positively impact the quality and efficiencies of treatment.  Nurses participating in the 6-month pilot noted a schedule reduction due to unplanned patient needs and reduction of patient visits to the emergency room, representing almost a 50% impact due to InteractiveCare virtual visits.

The InteractiveCare Experience
Direct input and feedback from our pilot partners are core to the InteractiveCare model of innovation.  Feedback from the clinical and operations leadership following the pilot study provided great insight into our initial direction;

“Not only does InteractiveCare help from a nursing and clinical standpoint, it’s also a lifesaver on the operations side. InteractiveCare allows the two departments to intertwine and deliver top-notch telehealth services to enable better patient care. Families also gain a level of confidence that their loved ones at home can be reached on a face-to-face level at any time, from anywhere.” – Mikaill Wilhite, Director of Nursing

Feedback from additional pilot partners continues to validate our strategy and solutions.  Our prototype platform has met our expectations and exceeded those of our partners.  The InteractiveCare production technology and services for broader clinical applications are in the final stages of qualification.  We are excited to announce the availability of this new solution in the near future and become a driving force in the advancement of health care.

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