As part of Home Care and Hospice Month, the week of November 12-18 is set apart as Home Health Aide Week. Home health nurses and aides are on the frontlines of healthcare, providing high-quality, compassionate care to more than 5 million elderly, disabled, and infirmed Americans each year in the comfort of their homes.

We are continually amazed by the tireless dedication of these frontline caregivers. At InteractiveCare, our virtual visit and automated captioning, telehealth solution lightens the heavy workloads of these individuals. Here are three offerings that are particularly helpful:

Nurse Triaging

As much as they would like to, home health nurses cannot be there whenever their patients need them. These patients need close attention, however, one in five patients feel they need 24-hour health care assistance managing their chronic condition.

InteractiveCare provides after-hours nurse services to connect patients to a trusted call center of registered nurses during times of need. Whether it’s a tuck-in call or something more serious, home health nurses can rest assured their patients will be taken care of, no matter what time of day or night.

Virtual Visits

Home health care is often the only way to reach people who live in medically disadvantaged or remote areas. As a result, home health agency care providers traveled 7.6 billion miles to deliver service in 2016. Nurses tend to bear the brunt of this “windshield time.”

To save their nurses from spending so much time driving many home health agencies and health care providers are adopting telehealth video conferencing technology to facilitate virtual visits. This helps nurses prevent unplanned visits and answer patient questions immediately while reducing the impact of interruptions and cutting down on the number of miles logged each day.

Nurse Documentation

After surveying home health nurses we learned they spend nearly one-third of each day on visit documentation and find it to be their most time-consuming activity. Related studies have shown that for every hour a care provider spends with a patient, it takes nearly two hours to document the visit.

InteractiveCare’s patented transcription technology ensures home health nurses have encounter notes ready in minutes after a virtual visit. With these transcription services, also referred to as captions, nurses can complete necessary documentation in record time.

Home health nurses are not only caregivers, but also companions and friends to their patients. By spending less time on the road, more effectively documenting visits, we believe their care, services, and career can be even more fulfilling.

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