Virtual visits and assessments built specifically for post-acute providers

1-touch access to nurses

Telehealth video conferencing systems are fraught with complexity – especially for use by older patients. We designed our virtual visit solution with older patients in mind. A 1-touch interface simplifies virtual visits allowing nurses to quickly remedy patient concerns.

Reduce unplanned visits & readmissions

Unplanned patient visits and trips to the emergency room are costly. Having the ability to reach out and see a patient anywhere at any time allows you to catch problems before they escalate.

Real-time visit transcripts

Similar to physician offices, home health nurses find documentation to be one of the most time-consuming and important aspects of their job. Our patented, speech recognition software with live captioning assistants, delivers a full transcript of any virtual visit to staff and patients. Spend more time with patients and less on documentation.

Constant contact with patients

With anytime video access, tuck-in calls, risk assessments, and regular phone follow-ups with patients, staff have a more complete picture of the patient’s condition. Increase patient satisfaction, while reducing staff time and driving mileage.

Robust video call routing to nurses

Elegantly manage video call flow and routing to your nurses. 1-touch video calls from patients can seamlessly notify a single nurse; multiple nurses; rollover from nurse to nurse; even escalate and transfer live video patient calls.

Decrease cost and increase profits

With 74% of patients preferring easy access to healthcare professionals over in-person visits, our virtual visit solution is a vital tool to combat ever-increasing healthcare costs, while ensuring quality patient care.

Available anywhere... anytime 24/7

Provide your post acute patients and their families piece of mind with the most simple and elegant virtual visit telehealth solution on the market.

We’re serious about security, uptime and compliance

InteractiveCare's mobile application and back-end platform leverages technology that handles millions of minutes of video calls each month; ensuring call stability, video quality and importantly maximum uptime. Our industry focus ensures your post-acute HIPAA compliance and data security requirements are always addressed.

Customer success

"Our home health agency strives to be an industry leader and change the way we deliver health care to our communities. InteractiveCare’s technology helps advance our mission by enabling us to offer remote care to our patients with a higher risk of re-admittance. Based on our experience, it’s clear InteractiveCare translates to better patient care."
Mikaill Wilhite
Director of Nursing
"Not only does InteractiveCare help from a nursing and clinical standpoint, it’s also a lifesaver on the operations side. InteractiveCare allows the two departments to intertwine and deliver top-notch telehealth services to enable better patient care. Families also gain a level of confidence that their loved ones at home can be reached on a face-to-face level at any time, from anywhere."
Wendy Barker
Director of Operations

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