September 1, 2017

Visit Documentation

Complete your documents faster with automatic captioning

Documentation is the most time-consuming activity for home health care professionals. For every 1 hour a provider spends with a patient, it takes nearly 2 hours to document the visit, according to the Annals of Internal Medicine. InteractiveCare takes the hassle out of patient documentation through patented captioning technology. Through state-of-the-art speech recognition engines and live captioning assistants, patients and can read what they are saying during a virtual visit in near real time. Providers receive a full transcript after the visit is over that can be used to complete patient documentation; assess the quality of the visit; and provide data for analysis by referral source.

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Patients and Providers Both Benefit From Real-time Captioning

Patient Perks

Patients don’t miss a single word of their conversation. What they can’t hear, they can read. What they can’t remember, they can review in saved transcripts. At any point during a virtual visit, the patient can scroll up and down on the tablet screen to see what they’ve missed.

Provider Perks

Providers have a complete transcript of the conversation ready for input into the EHR, streamlining and providing defensible documentation. After the virtual visit, patients and caregivers receive a complete transcript of the visit, verified for accuracy.

Automatic Captioning can help:

  • Providers spend more time helping patients and less time on nurse documentation
  • Providers have critical content to be added to the encounter notes
  • Patients refer back to conversations
  • Hearing-impaired patients understand the entire conversation